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5 facts on Persian cats

5 facts on Persian cats

Their cool facts you have got to know.

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JOIN THE FUZZIES! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=worldsfuzziestvideos NEW VIDS FRIDAYS !! LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!!! ******************************************* TWITTER:...

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Cats 101: Persian Cats Fun Interesting Facts Most Popular Cat Breed - Animal Facts

Most Popular Cat Breeds Persian Cats 101 Fun Interesting Facts #persiancat CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE - https://goo.gl/MFyIeQ HELP MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE! http://bit.ly/2jh2A2Y GET ANIMAL...

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Cute Fluffy Persian Cat vs. Cute Stuffed Toy Cat

Video source: Unknown, Please share If anyone know. Thank you. Copyright Issues? Or Lack of Credits? Please feel free to contact us by email: kittyandpuppymeowwoof@gmail.com. We will response...

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12 07 27 Hide and seek with Persian kitten Kemo Sabe

http://www.mythicbells.com Awake while her sisters sleep, little Kemo Sabe plays an allusive game of hide and seek ... shaded golden Persian kitten from the K litter.

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Kitty with a Watermelon Addiction

It looks like Cooper found his favorite fruit. A fresh, juicy watermelon every blue moon makes for a delightful treat. When it's the doggies' turn, Cooper wouldn't leave the watermelon alone...

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Very Funny Persian Cat!

My cat is hilarious! I don't think he is all there...

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Mother & Son Persian cats 01.26.10

Kalahari and Tiny bear, Mother and son chinchilla silver Persian cats sit side by side, looking out side. http://www.mythicbells.com.

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This video is about Moonbear sleeping. He can't wake up. His auntie is world famous animal communicator, Samantha Khury. He loves her. His owner is here: www.meaningandlifepurpose.com And...

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Persian Cats Crying for Food

Cloudy and Sunshine crying for food early in the morning. Cloudy has a girly cry and well, Sunshine's cry is quite scary.

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Cat Want ATTENTION best video SUSHI Want Attention - Chinchilla Persian Cat

Watch more Liana video here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4dPLzTJHuDNbw2hARyKBag Watch more Sushi video here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjKOi-NGWRtZSIjGdY8ptdiCsGBgpAEhS...

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Semi Punch Face Male Persian Cat For Sale | A&A Pets

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the videos on FSA Entertainment are solely those of the Interviewees/Sellers and do not necessarily represent or reflect the official views...

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Cat farm, বিদেশী জাতের বিড়ালের খামার করে লাখ টাকা আয় করছে পারভিন আক্তার, बिल्ली खेत, مزرعة القط

Persian cat farm, পার্শিয়ান বিড়ালের খামার করে সাড়া ফেলেছে পারভিন আক্তার, बिल्ली खेत,...

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Fluffy Persian at a Cat Show

This fluffy and cute persian cat was this judges number 1 cat. Not too surprising, since persians usually do well and are popular in the cat show ring.

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Persian Cat Eye Maintenance

http://www.mythicbells.com/persian_eye_mainenance.htm How to clean the eyes of a Persian cat or kitten.

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Persian cat wants snuggles

Cats have been famous for snuggling with their owners. Here Tom from the Magnificats is snuggling in Steven Arms while he is being groomed.

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Persian Cat Lives In The Garbage for Months Getting Rescue and Adoption

The poor Persian cat was spent life for many months in the garbage a side of the road until she met animal lovers. Rescuers were quickly to get her out from the woods while the rain was going...

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Persian cat cute when angry


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How to Wash & Dry a Persian Cat

In this video I demonstrate how to wash and dry a Persian cat. My model for this video is GP SMGP Sagesse's Hide and Seek (Mia), a calico Persian. The products I used are Goop, Chris Christensen...

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Persian cat wants belly rubs

Lilly the Persian cat loves belly rubs and to play with her tail!

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Persian Cat Grooming

Persian pet grooming. ***Some of this video is sped up or slowed down.** The first step is to clip the cats nails and if needed use a muzzle. Sanitary and the belly are done roughly before...

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Persian Cat Grooming With The Pet Maven

A demonstration and tutorial of a full cat grooming of a Persian cat. Tips and techniques to cat grooming; including cat bathing, cat blow-drying, cat brushing, cat combing, cat haircut and...

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Cute Persian kittens: the \

4 week old shaded golden kittens from the \

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Male Silver-shaded Chinchilla Persian Cat

Our 7-month-old, male Silver-shaded Chinchilla Persian Cat named Felix. Likes to have people around him but does not like to be held or touch. . Read more on Chinchilla Persian Cats at http://ww...

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Cat Grooming With Aggressive Persian - \

Simple Cat Grooming Solutions To Turn Your Domestic House Cat Into A Feline Fashionista. Gabapentin as mentioned in this video is a Neuro-inhibitor NOT a beta blocker (sorry for the confusion)...

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Persian cats - jump around :-)

Sofie shows her jumping skills :-)

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Angry Persian Cat miaowing and hissing - Reuben talking to Cosmo

via YouTube Capture.

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Persian Cat signs she's in Labor \


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Siamese Cat vs Persian Cat - Understanding The Differences

Some cats seem to think that a purr or a friendly rub speaks louder than words. Siamese are not of this school of thought and are known for their talent for communicating their ideas and desires...

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newborn persian kitten first steps - Lucy

cute newborn kitten persian - Lucy - aborable white persian.

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The Persian Cat - Things to Know

OTHER CAT VIDEOS BY PNP: Abyssinian Cat – Things to Know: http://persian-cat.purzuit.com/video/Vn7m8K3xFtg.html American Shorthair – Makes It Popular: http://persian-cat.purzuit.com/video/ZUFovIvro-k.html...

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